How can 9th graders get into the baseball off-season class?
No 9th graders are included in the off-season baseball class at any Round Rock ISD high school during the Fall Semester unless specifically requested by the head coach. Signing up for the baseball class is not an option for incoming 9th graders. That does not mean that 9th graders cannot participate in baseball at Stony Point. This rule only involves the off-season class. Workouts for 9th graders who are chosen for one of our Spring teams will be planned for after school.


Can the student-athlete participate in other sports as well as baseball?
Multi-sport athletes are encouraged by the coaching staff at Stony Point and every effort will be made to enable them to maximize their experience in whatever sports they are interested in and qualify for on our campus.


Is there a “freshman team” for baseball?
There are 3 teams that play a spring schedule at Stony Point:

Varsity – can include all grade levels, this team has the best players available at our school.


JV Blue – can include grades 9-11, this team includes the best players available at our school who are not yet able to secure a varsity position that would allow them ample playing time.


JV Gold – can include grades 9-10, this team includes best players available at our school who are not yet able to secure a position on either the varsity or Blue teams that would allow them ample playing time. This team will include the majority of our freshman players, although it is possible for 9th graders to participate on any of our teams.


Does academic progress figure into the selection process at the time of tryouts in the spring?
YES! Grade checks will be made prior to the tryouts for every player who will attempt to make one of our teams. Each year we have more who would like to play than we can carry on our teams. Academic progress, starting at the beginning of the school year, will be included as a determining factor in our selection process.


Is participation in Stony Point’s summer baseball program mandatory for those who wish to play in the spring?
No. Participation in Stony Point’s summer program is not in any way a determining factor in our selection process for our spring teams.


When are tryouts?
Tryouts will happen the first three days that the UIL allows after school practice each season. The start date will be the closest Friday to February 1st .


How can I sign up for tryouts?
We will have an organizational meeting for all tryouts. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. We must get information out to our tryouts and we must plan for the actual event. We will not allow walk-ups to tryout.


Have other Questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact Tom Collins, head baseball coach.  E-mail:  Voice Mail: 428-7225


Annual Overview

August – September – 1-1 On Field Evaluation Phase

October – November – Strength / Agility Phase – foot speed can and will improve!

*to include a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks of “ball down” period.

December – ABC Phase (Arms / Bats / Core – Conditioning)

January – Pre-Season Phase (Specific by position) Off Season Pride Program

February – May – In-Season Phase (Difficulty of schedule is among tops in state!)

June – Stony Point Summer Baseball or Tigers participate with private club or group.

June-July – Summer Training Program (speed and strength)


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